Already we are 100 days into the new political age of open consensual action from Dashing Dave and Slick Nick.  We’ve had all the predictable “its even worse than we thought” briefings and slowly but surely the severity of the required reparative measures are being drip fed to an entirely suspecting public.  However whilst Dave ‘n Nick might skip along Downing street like a yellow sun against a blue sky wearing Morecambe and Wise style ‘Bring me Sunshine’ smiles; the proof of the pudding will be in their ability to deliver tempest and storm without being held liable for the damage.

With Mega bites to take out of the budget, can they make the numbers add up whilst keeping the lights on? What remains to be seen is are they up to the job?

All to often companies are introduced to some form of ‘Bring me Sunshine’ IT solution – all big numbers, bells and whistles, bristling with the latest technology, capable of petaflops of operations and boasting exabytes of memory, but the real value is not in what it CAN do, but what it WILL do – for your business.  tlp will build anything from a discrete IT solution, up to a complete IT infrastructure that drives real efficiencies in your business because it starts from the standpoint of what your business needs rather than how many giga-jobbies the technical wizardry can perform per Greenwich Mean Nanosecond.  In short, because tlp is a firm of business people that understand IT rather than IT people trying desperately to grasp commercial reality, we will ensure that your IT infrastructure is up to the job.

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