Never in the field of human commerce has so much been entrusted, by so many, to IT.  (with apologies to the great man for illegitimising his oratory).  70 years ago the RAF pulled off, what was, in fact, a somewhat unlikely victory against a numerically far superior force.  Historians have given much of the credit to the organisational prowess of Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding, who, not content with winning the annual contest for the most gratuitously upper class name in public life, also…

…set up a system where whatever squadron needed additional support, ‘operations’ always new where resources were immediately available.

Times change; Redhill Aerodrome just over the hill from tlp operations HQ no longer echoes to the sound of Merlin engines and is now home to private flying clubs and an industrial estate, but yet, the need for rapid, effective support continues in a different form and is now provided by tlp.

tlp points support ensures that whenever your IT goes down you have a resource that will deploy as rapidly as if somebody had yelled ‘scramble’.  Better still, your points never expire, so once you’ve purchased them, they’re yours until you need them and points can be purchased in bundles to suit your needs.

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