The summer months can create such contrasting feelings for anyone running a business. On the one hand you’re looking forward to some quality time with your family, the feeling of warm sunshine on your skin and a relaxing beer or glass of wine as the sun goes down.

On the other hand, juggling of resources as your staff take their well-earned breaks, can be a nightmare.

Technology can play a big part keeping your business running smoothly during this period, but what happens when there’s a glitch that strikes when your IT support person is on holiday?

Plugging the IT Support holiday gap

We appreciate that you may already have someone who looks after your IT support and does a great job for you.

But, if you are relying on one person, whether they be employed by you or outsourced, there could be a week or two when your IT support is either nonexistent or not as quick to respond as you are used to.

This is not a risk that you want to take. At the worst it could cost you business and damage your hard earned reputation and at the very least stresses rise and productivity plummets.

That’s where we come in!

You don’t have to pull your hair out, wasting precious time try to fix the IT problem yourself. You don’t have to muddle through as best you can or delay business until your techie returns.

TLP Technology is here to cover when your regular IT Support is on holiday. This is a cost effective option for you based on TLP Support points. there’s no annual contract to sign, it’s simply IT ad-hoc Support when you need it.

Now you can have peace of mind when your regular IT Support is on holiday, because TLP Technology is there to plug the holiday gap.

If you would like to discuss IT Support Holiday Cover’ and find out how ‘TLP Support Points’ could work for you.

Please email us or call 01737 824 003.