About Capex Office Interiors

Capex Office Interiors, based near Redhill, help their clients enhance and improve their office space. This includes designing the best workflow for the floorspace, providing the appropriate furniture as well as improving acoustics and lighting.

The problem that designers were experiencing

CAD software is used to create office layout designs. Their designers advised us they were experiencing 3 to 4 seconds delay as they moved around the CAD drawing. Sometimes there would be a second or two when the programme froze.

While seconds might not seem much time, it all adds up and is immensely irritating to the flow of a designer’s work. Software issues cause deadlines to be missed and has a detrimental effect on the high level of customer service that Capex aspire to.

Having reviewed the CAD software requirements, we identified that the cause of the problem was related to a desktop and laptop that were three years old. While they would have worked sufficiently for most staff, those using the CAD software required increased capacity, hence the software was running slow and causing delays for the users.


We identified and specified the level of hardware that was required to operate their CAD software at its optimal speed, including recommending several options.

We presented these options and advised on the best solution and why. Armed with this information Capex were able to make an informed decision as to the hardware to purchase. We also advised on a number of finance options.

We then sourced and configured the hardware, installed the software and managed the migration for those users using the new systems.


Now the hardware has been upgraded the boot up time has significantly improved from around 5 minutes to 1 minute.
The designers are happy to report the performance of the software is seamless; no freezing or waiting. This has improved productivity and reduced the stress that comes with working to deadlines.

“TLP Technology has provided IT support for Capex since 2018. It was hugely helpful for us that Rod Bradbury could quickly identify the problem, suggest an appropriate solution and then manage the installation.”

Geoff Marshall, Capex Office Interior