IT Security

IT Security

It is no surprise that IT security is an increasing issue to all businesses irrespective of size. As technology continues to advance and evolve so too has our dependency on devices that connect to the internet, creating more avenues for opportunistic hackers, so finding an IT security partner you can count on is a necessity that your business cannot do without.

TLP Technology is able to offer a range of solutions to safeguard your software, hardware, devices and data.

Different Types Of IT Security

There is some misconception between IT Security and Information Security. Information Security has inevitably changed since the dawn of computers and the growth of the internet. Very rarely do we store information in a filing cabinet, but the same slightly adapted principles continue to apply, albeit there are many crossovers with IT Security.

Information Security protects your data allowing only those personnel authorised to access it. This information should be protected in a way that it cannot be tampered with. IT Security on the other hand protects your hardware and software from external attack.

Security threats come in many different forms and guises such as malware, malicious software containing viruses, ransomware and spyware. Your physical devices like phones and laptops that are used to access the internet, emails etc. should all be monitored and protected.

IT Security

Why Your Business Needs IT Security

Would you leave your home for work in the mornings without closing the windows, setting the alarm and locking the doors? No, we didn’t think so! Then why would you leave your office hardware and software vulnerable to hackers?

Of course if a thief wants to break into a property the above security measures won’t necessarily stop them but it will certainly make it more difficult. IT Security works in a very similar way, however generally speaking hackers are smarter than your average thief, so additional measures need to be taken to prevent them compromising your IT systems.