For today’s article I thought I would create something a little bit different. It’s been approximately a year since I started writing for the TLP Technology blog and I’ve covered quite a number of different topics from how to’s, to the news. So, to celebrate I thought it appropriate to take a look back at some of the more popular, insightful and helpful bits of content that newer followers to our blog and social media channels likely would have otherwise missed.

So without further ado!

Fun Facts

Did you know that the same year Bill Clinton was elected President, Wikipedia was launched to the world? No, then find out more on that and other fascinating tech facts here: Several Pieces of Tech From 2001 That Changed Our World

Do you think the 2007 iPhone was the first smartphone to the market? If you do I’m afraid you are gravelly wrong, in fact many brands like Nokia and Samsung had brought many smart features including app stores to their devices long before Apple, however, the crown for the first smartphone goes to IBM with the Simon Personal Communicator launched 15 years prior in 1992, and it was one hell of a device for its time! Discover more on the IBM Simon here: In 1992 IBM Set To Work On The World’s First Smartphone, The Simon Personal Communicator

Have you ever wondered where computer viruses came from, neither had I until I stumbled upon an article in the paper about one of the earliest phishing emails, regardless of how damaging viruses can be it is very interesting as to how they came to be, which you can find out more about here: Computer Viruses – A Brief Historical Insight

So the above didn’t tickle you fancy then, well the next two articles certainly will, we take a look at 38 fun technology facts that will surprise you!: 21 Fun Technology Facts You Possibly Never Knew and Another 17 Fun Technology Facts You Possibly Never Knew

Something that many of you don’t necessarily think about or at least forget about after the event, is the incredible feats in technology tested, used and introduced for the first time at the Olympic Games. I have collated a list of some of the best technological advancements of the modern Olympic Games, which is also a two parter, first part can be found here: Technological Advancements Of The Olympic Games – Part 1 of 2 and part 2 here: Technological Advancements Of The Olympic Games – Part 2 of 2

We (humans) always like to discuss new technologies as generally they pave the way forward replacing the old, however there are a number of old technologies that though attempts have been made to replace them are simply irreplaceable, the technology I speak of can be found here: 5 Pieces Of Outdated Technology We Still Use Today

How To’s

Due to the pandemic many more of us are working from home and there are evermore working from home jobs on the market now than there has been at any other time, but, though many of us are pleased with the prospect of working from home it isn’t always that easy to getting yourself comfortable and motivated if you don’t know how, if you fall into this category then our guide will certainly help to alleviate all of the above: Working From Home? Here’s A Guide To Everything You Need For Great Success!

And following on in the working from home theme it isn’t just employees who need to ensure they have got themselves covered, from security and software to telephones and devices , both employer and employee should take heed in this next article: The Working From Home Trend Is Growing! But Is Your IT Infrastructure Prepared?

If you’re interested in sustainability in design our next article might just be the perfect read to get your creative juices flowing: Sustainability Starts With Design

Don’t like paying for software like Microsoft Office, or don’t have the money to spend on a website? Then certainly do not panic as our next ‘how to’ has you covered, and the best bit is all of the software is FREE!!: FREE Software and Stuff To Help You Start And Or Run Your Business

Alternatively to the last article if you are looking for creative ways to saving yourself some money in the office, then our money saving top tips will have you covered: 6 Top IT Tips To Saving You Money At Work

Now our next article looks at the many forms of cloud computing, how they work and what the best options may be for you Cloud Computing – Everything You Need To Know!


We all like a good old laugh and there is certainly our fair share of laughs within the IT industry more so than people would realise, as generally speaking IT is viewed as a boring and nerdy environment, and how wrong you would be in thinking that! So if you want to find out how normal we truly are then why not take a look at these next two articles: 10 Of The Funniest IT Support Stories Posted On Reddit and 6 Of The Funniest Technology Fails On Reddit


Would you believe that technically IT support has been in existence since at the very least 205 BC, and subsequently there is a very rich and incredible history, something as an IT individual is certainly proud to be part of! This is a two part series and the first half can be found here: Everything You Need To Know About IT Support Including The Kitchen Sink – Part 1 of 2 and the second half here: Everything You Need To Know About IT Support Including The Kitchen Sink – Part 2 of 2

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