Cloud Computing Made Simple

Cloud Computing

You may not realise it but every time you open your emails, view a social media platform, make a purchase, or add information onto a customer relationship management system (CRM) you are in fact using the ‘The Cloud’. The Cloud provides, over the internet storage, databases, networks and pretty much anything an in-house server would offer and a whole lot more. This not only reduces the cost of ownership and negates the need to maintain hardware and software, it can be cost effective paying for a cloud service.

Choosing the right cloud computing provider(s) and service isn’t necessarily straightforward and this is where TLP Technology can help. We are a Microsoft Partner with extensive experience of setting up, managing and migrating clients to the Cloud.

The Different Cloud Services We Provide

It’s no secret that cloud computing is one of the most convenient, effective, secure and cost effective data sharing and storage solutions for any small to medium sized business, it cuts out the issues that can come with storing your data in-house on your own private servers. However there are pros and cons to using the Cloud versus an in-house setup.

The benefits of using the Cloud incude the sharing of files and data seamlessly, the simplicity of adding new users and services and of course the knowledge that your data is continually backed-up. Cloud computing is the present and the future for your business.

We have extensive experience in both Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud services. The cost of each license is no more than buying directly from Microsoft, but with the additional benefit we are able to provide the required support to get you up an running.

The cloud services we provide are:

No additional costs – No hidden fees – Under one roof

TLP Technology’s Cloud Computing Services

Managing the whole process for you! From initial setup and configuration to user configuration to ongoing management and support.

We provide a full spectrum of cost effective Cloud computing services, tailoring each to your business needs, whether that be taking care of your move to the Cloud, providing additional cloud services or building an in-house cloud infrastructure. This can range from hosted email with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 Business Software, Desktop and server cloud backup using Microsoft Azure and data hosting with Microsoft SharePoint Online.

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