Server Maintenance Plans Minimise Downtime & Failures

server maintenance

Servers are essential and central to the everyday running of applications, databases, emails, files, web presence, networks and so on. They are hardware and software which are required to run 24/7. Just like a vehicle they should be checked, serviced and updated regularly. Failure to do so could lead to partial or total failure.

It isn’t possible to double guess when and what problems may occur. Our server maintenance plans are designed to be proactive and deliver timely and regular maintenance preventing problems before they occur.

What Do Our Server Maintenance Plans Offer?

There are four core areas to consider when maintaining a server. The first being the server’s hard drives and implementing a backup strategy. Having multiple hard drives maximises the capacity for your server to run, should a drive fail, however these should be checked regularly to identify any drive errors. A good backup strategy ensures data can be recovered should too many hard drive failures render the server unbootable.

Software system checks are carried out to review memory and processor usage, disk space and errors and/or the need for upgrades. Software applications and drivers are also checked for the latest versions and patches.

Servers can be prone to failure i.e. circuitry and fans, overheating etc. and an inspection of the error logs will guide us to pinpoint and resolve any issues. Replacing a key component, before it fails, is paramount and regular monitoring either remotely or onsite is essential.

And finally ongoing security checks and monitoring are a must from checking anti-virus scan results, password evaluation and user accounts to data checks on the network and log maintenance.

Hard Drive checks
Software System Checks
Hardware Checks
Security Checks

Why Choose TLP Technology For Your Server Maintenance?

Whether you are a large organisation that requires around the clock server maintenance or a small company that doesn’t require constant server maintenance we can provide cost effective server solutions to keep your business operations running smoothly, effectively and securely.