Following a bad couple of years already much of the news recently continues in a downbeat manner, so to pick up this dampened mood we felt it would be more appropriate to instil a bit of light humour over these darker clouds and one of the best places to find a good culmination of such humour is Reddit.

So for your entertainment we have compiled a handful of some of the funniest IT Support fails shared by Reddit users.

1) Mouse Stopped Working?

At number 1, user MasterPowell who received a call out to repair a server discovered slightly more than he was bargaining for. Upon surface investigation, he discovered a possible root cause to the problem. Someone wasn’t using their mouse properly! Sorry, bad joke, I couldn’t help myself.

MasterPowell wrote “Spooky decorations are going up early this year…”

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2) When I said Hardwire The Power…

Reddit user Miniappolis was ‘shocked’ when unveiling a customer’s server power supply, so much so he had to share it with the world, and it’s certainly a spectacle to be seen.

One redditor wrote: “Whoever did this needs to be beaten with an oar.” and I have to agree with them!

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3) Technicians Served Spaghetti At Hotel In London

User AwfulFrank was feeling terrible after having been served spaghetti at a London hotel. The spaghetti junction of cables he was sent in to inspect were going to cost the hotel a pretty penne to put right.

I Cannelloni imagine the horror that must have ensued.

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4) You’ve Heard Of Ethernet, You’ve Heard Of WiFi, But Have You Heard Of Ethernet WiFi? No?? Neither Had We Until Now!

Rateme9898 discovered the wired version of WiFi at a Central Library in England. The message titled “WiFi Cable” is certainly a little confusing:

However one redditor had bigger concerns with the service being provided, they wrote: “Wait, your laptop still has a network port?”

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5) Myrrh Than Meets The Eye

One redditor felt the decorations were somewhat lacking one year in their office. They wrote: “I work at a tech company, this is our Christmas tree”

Another user wrote: “Decorations not available with your package, contact your ISP to upgrade your package.”

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6) Shout, Shout, Let It All Out…

An office prankster thought it would be hilarious to put a note on the newly installed coffee machine at their workplace, and it has definitely led to some confusion and I’m guessing a lot of laughs.

I think I speak for everyone here when I say, we would have loved to have seen this one in action.

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7) The Matrix?

One office worker felt he wasn’t being listened to in the office so took to the streets to get his message across. I’m not sure it had the desired effect though I’m sure it got the attention of the people in the white van with the very long white sleeved jackets.

One user wrote: “Please remove me from the comment.” Very apt wouldn’t you say.

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8) Lesson In Future Bad Parenting?

Redditor SeeMWhyK wrote: “How tech writing ruined me as a letter writer.”

Not a lot I can say on this one, though funny I kind of agree with her.

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9) A Worm In The Network

A newbie at a tech firm was pleasantly surprised to find his predecessor had left him all that he needed in case of a technical breakdown.

The redditor writes:

“Started a new networking job. In the server closet, I found a box left by the previous tech that read “In case of network emergency, open box”

I’d say he’d been short-changed!

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10) BINGO!

This is genius, that’s all I’m saying!

Link90 shared a rather brilliant new form of bingo one of his co-workers put together and I wouldn’t be surprised if any techie reading this doesn’t at least give it a go the once:

Download your FREE Tech Support Bingo sheet HERE!

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