Microsoft were due to release the latest software edition of their Windows 10 operating system – version 1809, throughout October of this year, but they have suspended the release, to all channels, which included Windows server 2019 and IoT equivalents, as some of the users who manually click for the updates, have reported that some of their data has been lost following the update.

Microsoft have always limited the roll out their software releases, monitoring feedback before providing the release to the wider user community. It is understood that Microsoft have now fixed the glitch that caused the very minor, but significant loss of data and are now in the process of releasing this to what they term as there ‘Insider Community’

In short, the issues occurred where users were redirecting files using what is termed as Known Folder Redirection. When enabled, this basically moves files from the old source location to the new one, but on this occasion, files were remaining on the original location. You can see the problem as this process is used for redirecting Desktop, Documents, Pictures etc, to the new location.

As ever, Microsoft have been proactive in providing those users who have been affected by these issues, with support to recover loss data, if you have been affected by this release, having manually checked for releases then please do get in touch with us and we will happy to look into the matter for you. Microsoft now have a new feature called ‘Windows Insider Feedback Hub’, where they can monitor user feedback from users, once they are satisfied that the latest release is impact free, it will be sent out to the wider user community.

And as a footnote to this article, it was sad to see the passing of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen this month, who along with Bill Gates, started the company that has revolutionised the way we work, live and play over the past 30 years.

If you have any questions regarding this update from Microsoft or other levels of Windows that you are running, then please do get in touch.

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