Does your IT support, nurture and facilitate your business ambitions or is it about as helpful, present and profit orientated as Bob Crow with Man Flu.

You might equally liken your business’ IT provision to the M25 – without it, everything would come to a complete standstill, we’d all run out of fuel in our queue of choice and have to walk home in the dark and the rain.  On the other hand, it seems that within two or three years of each upgrade, traffic starts to run more slowly again and we find ourselves unwittingly more conversant with the goings on of The Archers or the nicknames of Sally Traffic’s correspondents as our forced exposure to Radio 2 or 4 increases on the long crawl to the next appointment.

Of course it’s not the fault of the road – we just keep making ever more impractical demands of it; and so it is with our IT.  More programmes, more security, more data, more users:- we just load it up with gay abandon – until the system belatedly has a humour failure and borrows a line from the bathroom scales, saying something a bit like “one at a time please”.

At which point, the unwritten manual dictates that one calls the helpdesk and feigns surprise.

In fact, this should be your wake-up call; once your system starts doing a passable impression of junctions 18-21 on a Friday afternoon, you should call tlp and we’ll soon have you crowing about how good your IT is rather than crying about its crawling.  Call Nicky Hodges on 0800 0323 400