One has to feel a little sympathy for the Irish as they give in to the inevitable and go cap in hand to the rest of Europe for a trifling £100bn or so – equivalent to about £15,000 or so for every member of the population.  Fortunately, we don’t need to deliver the cash on the back of a lorry – there just aren’t that many ferries running from Fishguard to Rosslare – it would take an age and give a new meaning to the phrase ‘Bay of PIGS’.

We all have our disasters from time to time and just as the world’s financial markets are ever more inter-dependant, threatening contagion from one economy to the next and thereby demanding ever more rapid responses from ever more distant quarters; so our company systems are ever more dependent on effective IT systems operating systems operating as they were intended to.

It’s fortunate, therefore, that tlp can offer the same rapid response to your IT emergency needs, irrespective of whether you’re just around the corner or on the far side of the eurozone.  That’s because we too can avoid the ferry trip to your office.  We don’t need to turn up on site with a case, a helpful bedside manner and place a stethoscope against your motherboard.  A great many IT issues can be diagnosed and remedied via an online access to your system; saving you time and money.  To learn more about how tlp can deliver you fast and cost effective remote IT support, call Nicky Hodges on 0800 0323 400.