A recent study commissioned by Google has found that the internet is worth £100bn a year to the UK economy or 7.2% of the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP).  Plainly this is one of the most flexible and creative uses of English prose since Gordon Brown last inserted the word ‘prudence’ into a sentence.  After all, to what do we attach a value – Gas, or the pipe that carries it?   By way of a clue,

…it’s not the pipe.

Therefore, leaving aside the small fact that the internet is not actually, in itself, worth anything like £100bn, it IS still true to say that 7.2% of UK business is now transacted online and it’s growing faster than Wayne Rooney’s wage packet.  Furthermore the UK’s online economy is a significant net exporter – so the big question is: have you got on board the bandwagon – or are you still trying to shift a backlog of Charles and Di mugs without access to Ebay?

Not only is the web the fastest growing sales channel, it’s also the one that offers the small player the greatest chance to close the gap on bigger rivals.

If you’re looking to plumb your business model into the fastest growing sales channel out there, or just to maintain a lead already established, give tlp a call to discuss the IT infrastructure implications.  Get your sales down the pipe, not down the pan.