When something goes wrong with your computer, server or network, you probably call an engineer.

If it’s a hardware fault, they will turn up to your premises as soon as they can, and charge for their time as a site visit.

If it’s a software problem, they can access your computer instantly and remotely.

At TLP Technology, we do this all the time, using a program called GoToAssist. It’s a totally secure way that our engineers can access your PC remotely, to find out what’s wrong and fix it fast, at much lower cost to you.

How it works

The engineer gains control of your PC while you watch. You can see exactly what they’re doing as the cursor moves around your screen. At the same time, they can talk you through what they’re doing over the phone. At any point, you can choose to break the connection. The engineer can’t resume without your permission.

Remote support is also a great way to provide training. If you have a question about using Excel or Word, for example, a trainer can demonstrate what to do, remotely, on your own PC in front of you.

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