Start rant…!

Have you ever received one of those warning emails about:

  • A computer virus called ‘postcard from a friend ?
  • Medical ailments caused by the sweetener aspartame?
  • The #-9-0 phone scam?
  • The Microsoft (or AOL) ‘pass it on’ giveaway?
  • Buradanga-soaked business cards?

Those are just a few of the many hundreds of hoax emails currently doing the rounds.

People unwittingly pass these types of messages on to everyone in their contact list, thinking they are doing them a favour.

Just stop!

Next time you get a warning message, first Google the subject line or check it out on a website such as to find out if the warning is true.

In most cases, it isn’t. Just like chain letters in the past, these messages are a waste of everybody’s time.

We’re all busy enough already. Please don’t be one of the innocent people who clogs up everyone’s inbox with all this useless nonsense. And never ever ever click on a suspicious link!

/End Rant!!