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The Problem

Paul’s old workstation was his main tool for day to day productivity. Slow performance and outdated technology was costing him time and money. Despite working from a home office, Paul felt that a long term relationship with a trusted supplier was invaluable.

The Solution

TLP offered Paul advice in finding a machine to suit his requirements and provide long term performance. Our engineers then worked with Paul to provide a plan to replace his machine with the least disruption, ensuring no loss of data, and all Line-of-Business applications ran correctly on the new system. Ongoing advice and support was also provided to help ensure Paul became familiar with his new system, and all his business critical applications were working correctly after the initial install and configuration.

The Results

Paul is now benefitting from updated hardware and operating systems which have dramatically improved his productivity. TLP’s ongoing availability for support and advice ensured Paul adjusted to the new operating system quickly, and he was able to transition with the least disruption possible.

What the customer said

“As a procurement specialist I am used to sourcing the best channels for Products and Services. Having used TLP several years ago for issues with my PC, I didn’t come back without researching other suppliers, however, I still found TLP to be the best option.”

Paul Gannon,

Associate, Expense Reduction Analysts

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