The reason we are asking this question is because from 14th July 2015 MS Server 2003 will no longer be maintained with security updates. This could pose a serious security risk to your IT systems and of course your business.

Technology moves at a pace and software is often updated to include new and improved features with better performance. This is why Windows Server 2003 is coming to the end of its product life.

Time runs out on 14th July. What should you do next?

First of all you need to confirm the operating system of your server. If you’re not sure, call us on 01737 824003 and we’ll let you know.

Next, you need to consider the data that is held on the server. Is it business critical information? Is the server in constant use? How often is it backed up?

If the server is in constant use then you should be looking to replace it as soon as possible.

Serious security risk to your IT systems

If you don’t upgrade your server, it will become increasingly hard to maintain or repair should there be a problem. There is also an increased risk of your server being hacked or infected with a virus, due to security weaknesses no longer being fixed by Microsoft in their monthly updates. This not only puts your company data and IT infrastructure at risk but potentially your customer data as well.

How much will it cost to upgrade?

To help you protect your IT infrastructure, we are offering a free consultation, which will include a status report on your server as well as itemised hardware costs and a time schedule for upgrade and replacement.

To arrange your free consultation call us on 01737 824003 or email Rod Bradbury.