It’s no secret that natural and manufactured disasters happen, last year alone there were 401 natural disasters globally with the Asian Pacific region experiencing the brunt of it, 1,862 data breaches were reported globally surpassing the previous year and the highest year on record which was 1,506 in 2017. Here in the UK, according to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey carried out by the UK government, in 2021 39% of businesses and 25% of charities were hit by a cybersecurity breach. 

Over 50% of small to medium sized businesses never recover, while almost 90% take too long to recover losing business along the way. Shockingly only 1 in 5 organisations or 20% have a disaster recovery plan in place, losing them approximately £8K to several million pounds per hour. And not all disaster recovery is on a big scale, almost 50% of businesses fail due to hardware failure, 90% of which were preventable.

So why are so few taking their DR so seriously?

A plan of action to prevent or at the very least reduce operational disruption from the likes of internet, network and telephone outages, or software and hardware problems sounds like the easiest and most obvious thing to plan for, however it’s not usually as straightforward as that, many companies (not all) did plan for these possibilities and eventualities but they did so when they set up shop 5 to 20+ years ago and a lot has changed for businesses within that time, new networks installed, more employees hired meaning additional devices used and connected to the network and so on, your disaster recovery plan needs to be assessed on at least an annual basis, regardless if you have grown as a business or not. So instead of leaving your disaster recovery plan of action to fate, get the experts in to help you plan for now and for the future.

Here at TLP Technology we provide everything you and your company needs to ensure your technology is protected!

Our IT Support and Remote Working Support ensures that your systems are protected against failures.

Our IT Security will help you combat, block and prevent cyberattacks in real time.

Our Cloud Computing will provide you with additional layers of protection that an in-house server cannot, as well as being accessible at all times, and with the benefit of offline working when internet access is down.

Server Maintenance will prevent downtime, loss of data and provide security, preventing an internal disaster from occurring.

Our IT Support prices are extremely competitive and we have a multitude of tailored plans and one off services to suit every small to medium sized business needs. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that businesses spend a lot of money on their staff, offices, devices and software, so why are they not as willing to spend a small amount of money on protecting it? It beats me!

If you would like to find out more on how we can help you put your disaster recovery plan into action, then contact us today on 01737 824 003 for an informal discussion, alternatively email us at