Welcome back and a happy belated New Year to you! It’s only been a few days into the new year and much has already happened within the world of technology. AI looks set to change our world this year in more ways than ever before and big conglomerates and institutions like PayPal are looking to hire hundreds of cybersecurity experts to combat the ever increasing cyber attacks, all of which we will be covering here on our website, so do be sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest technology news from across the web by simply filling out the form at the end of this article.

Bioelectronic AI

If you have been following the progression of AI you will be aware that not only has AI been used for a few decades in many different algorithmic forms, it has advanced incredibly in the past few years alone, however this form of AI is a more basic form in the grand scheme of things, it’s a vertically integrated electronic system that is limited by design and functionality, the penultimate goal in AI development is to have devices that are as intelligent as us known as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), and ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) that will be way more intelligent than any human being, and though this technology may seem to be a long way off, it’s not that far behind.

What surprises many people is the hybrid of human brains and computers or Bioelectronic AI isn’t such a new idea or tested concept, in fact the first documented experiment started on 25th August 1992, the Japanese government had set to work on their fifth generation computer project which panicked the entire world. In a quest of computer technology world domination the Japanese government’s team of experts had integrated the human brain with a computer. A slice of human brain tissue was placed inside a specially developed device that connected and fed the brain, as the brain was provided the nourishment and programmed with data it grew bigger and more intelligent, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you wish to see it the project was not a success, which I’m positive you are aware of otherwise we would all be traveling to work on hoverboards and flying cars that use trash as fuel, but what this experiment did outline is that in order for a AI to be as intelligent as a human its processing ability would need to function exactly like that of the human brain with its incredibly complex connections, so fast forward to today and we have a plethora of organisations embarking upon similar technology this time they are many steps ahead, it is projected that within the next 5 to 10 years the first AGIs will be developed and working alongside humans in their own development. 

Cybersecurity Stress Test

In a world’s first the Chinese Government has set out regulations to be implemented next month (February 2022) that will stress test foreign IPOs (initial public offerings) cybersecurity with more than 1 million users, the move has sent shockwaves throughout the stock markets with the Hang Seng Index falling by 0.36% and the city index falling by 1.32% on Tuesday 4th January, though this is certainly not the first set of regulations set out by the CCP in recent months it is an important move and one that better protects anyone that trades in the long term, that is of course as long as the stress being used to better protect the public and businesses alike is used for exactly that and not to be used as a means for the authorities to gather data on foreign nationals and their assets.

The regulations understandably haven’t been accepted with open arms by those companies it affects as it puts the onus on them to ensure their offerings meet the desired standards, and with its announcement just this month (January) it leaves these organisations just days to get their house in order, with something which would otherwise taken several months of planning and testing, and at a huge financial burden.

This move comes at a time when the Chinese government looks to cut out more of its reliance of foreign companies with its business and cultural revolution and hopes to move more Chinese investors away from foriegn opportunities and into home grown investments instead. This comes as China’s property giant Evergrande, which is too big to fail and would cause a global financial crisis bigger than the 2008 banking crisis, is about to fail.

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PayPal is Hiring 100+ Cybersecurity and 100+ Cryptocurrency Experts

Not to fall by the wayside in this ever changing world where a hacker can not only ruin your day but your business too, PayPal is taking a reactive as well as a proactive approach to its security by hiring as many of the best people in the field to prevent ever growing cyber attacks on its platform. In addition to this they will be hiring a further 100+ cryptocurrency experts to broaden their financial payment offerings, allowing for the very first time a simple means for people to make transactions in a multitude of currencies and cryptocurrencies. Inevitably PayPal will be adding additional fees for these new transaction services.

It is possible that the implementation of cryptocurrency payments on the platform will help solidify cryptocurrencies position within the fiscal system, it will also provide a means for those who own cryptocurrencies in countries like China who are not allowed to trade or use their holdings the ability to use them.

What PayPal hasn’t told us which I think will happen, is if they will be introducing their own crypto offering?

In the meantime if you are looking for an incredible job within the cybersecurity or cryptocurrency world then now is the time to send PayPal your CV.

Semiconductor Crisis Worsens

I don’t know if you have tried to buy a new or used car recently, but if you have you will be very aware that prices have increased by up to 30% on average and this is due to the semiconductor crises. Why is this happening you may ask, well though there are a decent number of semiconductor manufacturers globally the demand from new and advanced technologies has become exponential pretty much overnight, New hybrid and electric vehicles use far more circuitry, computers, sensors, displays… than at any other time and pretty much anything we buy other than consumables uses semiconductors, and though many countries and companies work together in expanding semiconductor manufacturing it takes far too many years and billions of dollars to expand or get a semiconductor factory up and running, and unfortunately things are set to become far worse.

Days ago on 4th January 2022 a fire broke out at a plant in Berlin, Germany owned by ASML Holdings and though they are not a manufacture of semiconductors themselves they are the only manufacturer of EUVs, extreme ultraviolet lithography machines that etch circuits onto silicon wafers, without these EUVs available manufacturers may have to reduce production and factories looking to open their doors for the first time may have to keep them shut for longer. It is unknown what the cause of the fire was and how quickly ASML can get back on their feet again.

For now expect to see continued price rises on all tech, and do be aware it could take several months to get your hands on on-demand items like computers, phones and television sets.