Terms and conditions for Give us a Go Voucher

Terms and conditions that apply to the ‘Give us a go’ voucher.

  1. TLP Technology provides IT Services for businesses, therefore this voucher can only be redeemed by a representative of a company. It is not intended for private individuals or home users.
  2. Only one voucher can be redeemed per company.
  3. The voucher number must be provided.
  4. Prior to the remote IT support being provided, a number of qualifying questions may be asked.
  5. Remote IT support provided by the ‘Give us a go’ voucher is for up to ½ hour only and may only be taken in one session.
  6. IT support provided by the ‘Give us a go’ voucher covers remote support only.
  7. If the support engineer deems the IT Support issue cannot be dealt with via the ‘Give us a go’ voucher then in such cases TLP Technology reserves the right to not accept the voucher, or not provide the free half hour.
  8. The ‘Give us a go’ voucher promotion may be stopped at any time and is provided entirely at the discretion of TLP Technology.
  9. The ‘Give us a go’ voucher is supported by our monthly eNewsletter containing IT Tips, which will help you to maintain an IT system that runs at optimum efficiency and securely.