Benefits of leasing IT equipment

Many of us feel quite comfortable about leasing a car, indeed it makes a lot of sense, but have you considered leasing your computer equipment?

Last month we completed an upgrade to one of our client’s computer systems. This was made possible because we were able to arrange a leasing agreement with them.

If expanding or upgrading your IT systems is holding your business back, perhaps you too should consider leasing computer equipment.

There are several reasons why leasing is a serious option to think about:

Keep your equipment up to date

Technology and innovation are intrinsically entwined. This means there’s always something new available that can make business more efficient and your life a whole lot easier. That’s not to say of course that you need to jump on the band wagon as soon as a new gadget hits the market, but it does mean that your computer equipment will, at some point, require upgrading or replacement.

This applies to software as well as hardware and the end of Microsoft Window Server 2003 is a prime example. When the time comes, leasing IT hardware and software eases the financial burden of keeping your systems up to date.

No lump sum up front

Finding a large capital sum in order to upgrade equipment or expand your network may be prohibitive. Leasing equipment is the perfect solution to this problem. You don’t have to find the funds to purchase the equipment out right.

Monthly payments you can budget for and afford

Spreading the cost over several years allows you to budget for the cost of installing new computer equipment. You know exactly how much the monthly payments will be and allocate funds accordingly.

Gain a competitive edge

Installing new equipment or a new software system may well enable you to reduce your costs, can bring efficiencies to bear and help increase sales and improve margins.

Ask us about leasing your computer equipment

Leasing isn’t an option for everyone but if you would like to find out if this is a solution for you, please call us on 01737 824003 and ask for Rod Bradbury or email us.