The 10-year life support, that Microsoft has offered on its Office 2007 product, ceased on the 10th October 2017.

So, what does End of Life mean for you?

In reality, this is nothing new. All Microsoft products have a shelf life and they continue to provide support throughout the period, whilst they develop and launch new software.

For those users who are still using the Office 2007 suite what this now means is that Microsoft will no longer be:

• Providing the user with technical support
• Making available future bug fixes that are required to fix operating issues
• Delivering any security fixes to stop vulnerable attacks.

Very important…

But more importantly, from the 31st of October this year, all users of Outlook 2007, will not be able to connect with Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes, meaning those users will be unable to either send or receive their emails!

What options are open if you are using Office 2007?

Much has changed in the software world since Office 2007 was launched, not only are the latest products more feature rich, but the way in which they are delivered and paid for has also changed.

Microsoft can provide you with:

• Upgrades to Office 365 ProPlus. This is a subscription paid service and includes the latest Office software.
• Upgrading to Office 2016. This is single purchase per user licence and will be supported as Office 2007 has been.
• Or you can upgrade to Office 2013, which is an earlier version of the Office product range and again this will be supported through until it reaches its End of Life in 2023.

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Understanding the differences between the Microsoft products

If you are not familiar with the latest offerings from Microsoft and the applications that they can deliver, then take a look at the following links to gain a better understanding of what is now available.

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