New Microsoft Windows To Launch This Month!

The next generation of Windows operating system codename ‘Sun Valley’ will be rolled out from 24th June 2021, it brings with it a completely new interface with what Windows believes to be a more user friendly experience, with a new look and layout making it easier to discover and find files, apps and programs compared to the current model. As long as they don’t revert back to a Windows 8 style user interface then we should be alright!

Though the new operating system will look to improve our experience it has also opened the door to app developers, this move falls in line with Microsoft’s plan to completely overhaul their current app store to provide more features as well as games in a bid to compete with its direct competitor Apple. In addition to this Microsoft will be incorporating the Auto HDR feature currently found in Xbox consoles which vastly improve gaming experience.

Though many will be excited by the news it does seem that Microsoft are putting less emphasis in business and more on entertainment and understandably so as that’s where the money’s at.

Facebook To Introduce New Business Tools

On 2nd June 2021 Facebook announced a number of new upcoming developer tools and messaging features for business, looking at new ways in which people and businesses can communicate with each other, by making things more personable, personalised and far less self-effacing from a marketing/business perspective.

The three main changes will see more integration and analytical data provided to the user. WhatsApp will become a big focal point of this integration, which falls perfectly in line with the new terms & conditions being cemented by 31st June 2021 requiring WhatsApp users to give up more personal data than ever before if they wish to continue to use the App, as well as offering people to add the App to 3 additional devices, inevitably to syphon off more private information from you. 

The Messenger API used for Instagram will be merged into one with Facebook’s giving businesses an easier means to automate, communicate and manage their conversations and messages, and the most exciting thing to be introduced, though I haven’t a clue how it will benefit businesses, is multi-person augmented reality. So just like with what we have now in the way of photography App’s where we can take a photograph of someone and add a funny hat and pair of glasses to that person’s face, you will be able to do the same thing to a group of people at the same time while on a live video chat.

Now is the time to prepare for Windows 11!

Windows 11 will be launching later this month bringing with it a new user interface, a whole host of new features, a means for developers to create and offer their own apps, as well as many other improvements. If you would like to know more about the all new Windows 11 operating system, or would like help in setting your systems up with the latest OS then please feel free to get in touch with us on 01737 824003 or via email:

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Better Broadband Connection In The Rural World

It may come as a huge surprise to learn that in most of the world’s modern societies those living in rural areas have far better internet connectivity compared to those in major cities. 

Both here in the UK and the US billions have been spent in the last decade on improving internet infrastructure, however the majority of this work and allocated budget has been spent in rural areas, and as this work has given those towns, cities and villages the most up to date technology and infrastructure, the rest of the country has been left behind with outdated systems that have more of a tendency to fall apart, or stop working at least.

Though much is being done in the UK and elsewhere to balance the imbalance the US government seems to be pushing more of its spend towards its rural neighbours which certainly doesn’t make sense as there a three times more households or 13.6 million households in urban areas who haven’t any internet at all, compared to just 4.6 million in rural households.

It is believed the reason for their still being 4.6 million rural households without internet is not purely due to the fact there isn’t the internet connection available, it’s because many of those cannot afford it, so though billions will still be spent on laying fibre optics, as pointed out by broadband expert Blair Lavin, these households will still require a form of subsidy in order to make use of it.

Huawei Dumps Android!

After the Huawei US ban introduced by the Trump administration back in 2019 preventing the use of Google’s Android OS in Huawei devices, Huawei set to work behind the scenes in producing its own state of the art operating system to compete with Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone iOS, Harmony OS. 

Though first rolled out in a basic form back in August 2019, the new long awaited version which was rolled out just days ago, has had users and many within the industry scratching their heads. Essentially Harmony OS is a repackaged version of Android version 11, offering not just the same software and applications but the same place to download new apps from,, the Play Store.

So basically Harmony OS is Android 11 repackaged slightly differently, to, I assume, avoid the conditions of the ban. Given the circumstances, questions should be asked as to how this new OS is different and therefore does it actually avoid the implications setup by the ban?


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash