Case study: Managing emails efficiently

About All Levels Flooring Contracts Ltd

All Levels Flooring Contracts is a resin and screed installer for all types of industrial and commercial facilities including, Warehousing, Engineering, Automotive, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals and Food & Drink.

Problems with managing emails

When All Levels Flooring Contracts approached TLP Technology they were using a POP\SMTP email system. This was causing several problems including:

  • Emails not always sending
  • Emails not synchronizing across devices
  • A lack of centralised backup, because emails were downloaded to devices rather than synchronized
  • Having to delete the same emails 3 or 4 times, because they were managing emails separately across devices

The way that emails were being managed meant that they couldn’t be confident that emails were always being delivered and time was wasted having to delete the same email several times.

The solution TLP Technology recommended

In order to resolve these problems, we recommended All Levels Flooring Contracts move to Microsoft’s hosted email solution – Exchange Online – within Office 365.

We configured their Office 365 setup and created accounts. We also moved their domain and managed the DNS records to ensure the move was as seamless as possible and minimised any downtime.

We managed each step of the move and migrated their old emails into their new accounts so there was no loss of data.

Benefits of Office 365 email management

All Levels Flooring Contracts are now using the new Office 365 accounts and have emails synchronized across multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, phone and tablets. Time is being saved because emails only need to be deleted once.

An additional benefit is that they now have access to synchronized Calendars and Contacts along with access to web-based emails.

They can be confident that their emails are now backed up and secure within Office 365.
In the future, it’s an easy process to connect another device. It is simply a matter of setting up the account. Once this is done all their emails, calendar and contacts will be downloaded.

“TLP Technology covered all aspects of this for us, from registering the domain name, supplying Office 365 licensing to managing the move and migrating old emails. We experienced very little disruption and were able to get on with business as usual. Great job!”

Director, All Level Flooring Contracts

Perhaps you recognise some of the problems with managing emails that All Level Flooring Contracts had to resolve. If that’s the case, please do get in touch. You can call us on 01737 824 003 or email us.