Fight against Adware and Malware

Damn those adverts that pop up on your computer! They make you feel as though you’re being stalked! Where on earth are they coming from?

What is Adware?

If you’ve noticed advertisements being displayed on your computer or find that your internet searches are being redirected to advertising websites, chances are an adware programme has crept by stealth into your computer.

Adware programmes are designed to collect marketing data about you, such as the websites you visit and then customize adverts to present to you when you make a search.

There are adware programmes that are perfectly legitimate, because you’ve agreed that data can be automatically captured. But there are adware programmes that collect personal information without your permission. This is regarded as malicious malware.

What is Malware?

Malware is the name given to malicious software. Malware programmes are designed to be harmful to your computer. You may have heard them go the more familiar names of viruses, trojans, worms and spyware.

Malware programmes are created by cybercriminals. In the very worst cases the programmes are designed to steal sensitive data such as bank details to remove money from accounts, make fraudulent credit card purchases or hold companies or individuals to ransom in return for the data.

The first signs that you’ve been infected by either malware or adware might be that you notice your computer is slowing down or it starts to freeze or crash.

Protect against Adware and Malware

Cybercriminals are sophisticated and in many cases people are exposing themselves to malware and adware programmes unwittingly. Vigilance is required, but of course you need to know what to look out for.

Without exception, every PC and computer must have some form of antivirus software running. At the very least this will ensure the continued optimum function of your computer and at the other extreme will protect your data and your finances.

If you have any suspicion that your computer system has been infected or that you are vulnerable to an attack, please feel free to give us a call and we will ask a few questions to establish the current situation.

We may well suggest that a system scan is run which will check the processing programmes in the background. These checks are part of TLP’s remote PC MOT package.

Please don’t leave yourself open to an adware or malware attack. Give us a call on 01737 824 003 or email us.