Cloud backup should not be your only form of backup. Why?

  • Backing up and recovering large amounts of data can be very time consuming as the data is transferred over the internet.
    You may only need to recover a small amount of data. In which case if you had a local USB backup the time to recover what you need will be significantly reduced.
  • An internet connection is required to backup or recover any data.
    Although it is rare for connections to go down for any length of time it could cause major problems if a restore was required and your backup data couldn’t be accessed.


On-site server applications such as Exchange Server can be costly, challenging and time consuming.

Businesses are increasingly turning towards hosted services as an alternative.

Exchange Online is a hosted messaging application that provides organisations with access to Exchange without the need for a physical on-site server. The most noteworthy feature of Exchange Online is the ability to access services across the worldwide web. Exchange Online comes with a 25 GB storage allowance for each registered mailbox and allows users to send messages up to 25 MB in size.

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With a business subscription to Office 365, you can run your business in the cloud and let TLP Technology take care of the IT for you, which means no more setting up servers, databases, file shares, or on-premise software for you and your employees.  So what is Office 365 for Business, exactly? It’s Microsoft software and online services, available to you as a monthly or yearly subscription.  Depending on the subscription, you get the very latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and all the office apps.  You get business-class email, calendars, and contacts; online meetings and instant messaging; cloud-based storage, so that you can work on and share files from anywhere, without coming into the office; and collaboration and productivity tools you can use to grow your business.  If you’re a one-person business, get Office 365 for yourself. If you have employees, add them too, so you can work seamlessly together with your customers. 


How you keep your data safe is a business critical decision. What’s the plan should an unexpected event effect your data?

If your data has been backed up with forethought, you’ll have peace of mind that it won’t be long before you are up and running again.

Backing up your data to the cloud has many advantages:

  • Backups are automatically run (no risk that the daily procedure is forgotten)
  • Multiple instances of your data
  • No cost of hardware or risk of hardware failure
  • Data is stored off-site (mitigating risk of damage or loss of data in the case of fire, flooding or non-access to site)

There are many ways in which you can back your data up to the Cloud. Some methods carry risks, so choosing a cloud backup must be taken carefully.

That is why we recommend Azure Backup. Using Azure Backup Agent means your data is securely backed up and protected in the Microsoft cloud.


SharePoint is a platform within Office 365 that provides an extensive range of collaborative and creative capabilities enabling organisations to share, manage and access information from almost any device. SharePoint Online helps organisations share and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers, it allows groups to set up a centralised, secure space for document sharing, editing and downloading.


What is a domain? Think of it as the name of a website. E.g. googles domain name is or TLP Technology’s domain name is The or the .com at the end are domain extensions. There are many other domain extensions such as .org, .net or

Once you have purchased a domain name its yours for as long as you keep paying for it.

Establishing your own online identity and having a personally branded email address allows you to take control and look professional.

Owning your own domain name has a lot of advantages such as hosting your own website with that domain, as well as custom and professional looking email addresses. I.E instead of you could have This enables you to have professional email services such as office 365.

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