Whether it’s bad weather, holidays, illness or purely time savings it’s very convenient for you and your staff to be able to work away from the office or from home on the odd occasion.

If you plan ahead for these eventualities it will make life a whole lot easier when the need arises.

Accessing your computer from home

Here are three ways in which we help TLP Technology customers to work conveniently and easily away from the office.

1. Remote Desktop

Remote desktop is a program that allows you to connect to your desktop computer in the office, whilst you are at an entirely different location. You can interact with your desktop computer as normal, as if were sitting at your desk at the office. If trains are delayed or it’s more convenient to work from home prior to going off to a meeting elsewhere, Remote Desktop allows you and your staff to be much more productive.

2. Hosted Email

Most hosted email, such as Office 365 or Google Apps, are accessible from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and Outlook will connect. Alternatively, you can log in via a web based interface. This is also true for the later Exchange email systems supplied with either SBS 2008 or 2011. So companies with in house emails can get the same functionality.

3. Remote Web Workplace

Remote Web Workplace is available in Microsoft SBS 2008, 2011 and SBS Essentials 2012. This provides you with access to your company intranet where internal resources can be accessed over the internet. This means that staff can remotely access their desktop computers, gain access to shared folders and web based access to emails.

If you’d like to set up the facilities to enable remote access for you and your staff and would like to discuss the best way to do this, please call Rod Bradbury on 01737 824003 or email rod.bradbury@tlptech.co.uk