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Are you ready to work from home?


Whether it’s bad weather, holidays, illness or purely time savings it’s very convenient for you and your staff to be able to work away from the office or from home [...]

Are you ready to work from home?2015-12-10T14:46:04+00:00

Password best practice


It’s not difficult for anyone to grasp why it’s so important to protect our most valuable information. This goes for personal information as well as company data. One basic step [...]

Password best practice2015-11-13T15:54:09+00:00

A 21st Century Office


How far have your IT systems progressed to embrace the 21st Century office? TV programmes such as Mad Men based in the 1960s remind us how dramatically offices and the [...]

A 21st Century Office2015-10-23T11:57:30+00:00

Bring Your Own Device


The wide use of tablets and smartphones has led many companies to allow their employees to bring their own devices to work. You may have seen this referred to as [...]

Bring Your Own Device2015-10-07T14:19:59+00:00

Is your PC running slow?


Help! My PC is running slow. What can I do? A PC that is running slow, or even crashing at times, is one of the most frustrating situations for a [...]

Is your PC running slow?2015-08-13T09:36:25+00:00

Take advantage of the Cloud


Share, sync and collaborate in the Cloud If you’ve ever been frustrated by not being able to access documents whilst out of the office, had problems emailing large attachments or [...]

Take advantage of the Cloud2015-07-27T13:34:51+00:00

Is your server running Windows Server 2003?


The reason we are asking this question is because from 14th July 2015 MS Server 2003 will no longer be maintained with security updates. This could pose a serious security [...]

Is your server running Windows Server 2003?2015-06-11T13:39:11+00:00

Microsoft offers free upgrade to Windows 10


The long awaited date has been announced. You can upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 operating system for free from 29th July 2015, but what does this mean for you and [...]

Microsoft offers free upgrade to Windows 102015-06-11T13:27:28+00:00

Spreading the cost of upgrading IT


Benefits of leasing IT equipment Many of us feel quite comfortable about leasing a car, indeed it makes a lot of sense, but have you considered leasing your computer equipment? Last [...]

Spreading the cost of upgrading IT2015-04-29T13:29:01+00:00

Woodcote Green Garden Centre and Nurseries – Case Study


The Client Woodcote Green Garden Centre and Nurseries is an award winning garden centre and nurseries in Wallington, providing a wide range of products from plants, shrubs and trees to [...]

Woodcote Green Garden Centre and Nurseries – Case Study2015-03-30T11:34:58+00:00
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